Q1:Why the slogan is "create funny beauty"?

A:In a customer feedback picture, we saw that this customer did not only braiding for the mannequin head , she also used paint to change the color of the model's eyes. We were so inspired that our mannequin head can not only be used to style the hair, but also to do a variety of makeup on the face, and even paint on it, create the tattoo design, and wear earrings. . .


Q2:What is club?

A:This is similar to the member center, where you can share your shopping experience, feelings after use, and your completed beautiful works! We will also share some preferential activities from time to time in the club. Stay tuned!


Q3: How can I find customer service?

A:This is our official email address: You can contact us by sending us an email.


Q4: How to follow your social media? What's inside social media?

A:The home page has links to our social media pages that you can click on to follow. There are a lot of fun looks and new ways to play inside social media, so feel free to follow us.


 Q5: How can I pay ?

A: You can pay for the product through PAYPAL.


Q6: What are the guarantees for the products purchased?

A:Within six months after receiving the product, if the mannequin head is in poor quality, you can send the product to us and we will send you a new one; If you receive the wrong item, or if the clamp is broken within three months after receiving the product, we will send you a new one.


Q7: How can I track my order?

A:After the transaction is successful, you will receive a tracking number for the product you purchased, and you can query the location of the product based on it.


Q8: How long does it take to process an order?

A:Usually we will process your order within one working day.